Managed Service & RPO

For volume recruitment drives, longer term projects, or where you have identified outsourcing as a potential solution for your recruitment needs, a Managed Service Provision or full RPO solution may well be the smart way forward.

Ultimate flexibility

The services we provide are 100% flexible to your requirements and can be run on a project by project basis or over an extended period of time. No matter how we engage with one another we will always integrate and add value to your business, representing (and shaping if required) your unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to the talent markets, and helping to drive up employee retention whilst driving down costs and time associated with hiring.

Let the tech help

Recruitment can involve a lot of heavy lifting and is a game won over the medium to long term when played strategically.

Our tech stack that can be quickly leveraged by your business includes:

  • Award winning CRM systems
  • Industry leading video interviewing technology
  • Best in class recruitment training
  • Cutting edge strategic use of social media and digital marketing techniques


The starting point for any MSP / RPO partnership is an initial conversation / audit of your current strategy. Please contact any of the team for more information or an initial call.

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