Executive Search

Our search process has been developed to be rigorous and thorough ensuring you access talent that would otherwise remain invisible and unreachable. The process is proven to match individuals against cultural, behavioural, and competency requirements enabling you to receive a shortlist of candidates where all the guess work has been removed giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your next hire will start fast and stay for the longterm.


The main difference between "Search" and other recruitment processes is that candidates are identified and approached direct, rather than simply relying on advert response or database search, this means that you will be in touch with "passive" candidates who have been located and engaged with on the basis of their current skillset and experience. 


You will get to see evidence of all the research undertaken and the process is transparent throughout offering additional benefits such as "talent pools" for future hiring requirements, and also market feedback to demonstrate how you are viewed in the talent market compared to your competitors. This can be extremely powerful in helping your business to develop a world-class Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition.


Executive Search is ideal for roles that need a dedicated search / headhunt. Typically the roles are one of the following:

  • Senior Management / Board Level Appointments
  • Confidential Hires
  • Critical Roles 
  • Specialist Vacancies
  • Roles that have previously proved hard to fill



Robust and proven search methodology

You will have a full briefing session before we take your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to market. Our search will focus heavily on headhunted candidates that wouldn't otherwise be visible to you, and you will see the "long list" of profiles that we have identfied.


Together we will create a shortlist for screening, and using our video interview technology we will speed up the process to help you make an informed decision about who to spend more time with.


We stay close to you throughout the whole process, managing offers, providing insightful candidate feedback to ensure your employer brand is protected, checking references carefully, psychometric testing if appropriate, and onboarding new starters to ensure they hit the ground running quickly to make an immediate impact.


Guaranteed Results

Every search assignment is backed up with our candidate replacement / fee rebate guarantee of up to 12 months.

It's unlikely that you will need it though as over 90% of the people we have placed into positions using this approach are still in post after 2 years.

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