Contingency Search 

Searching on a contingency (or Pay On Placement) basis is a great option if we already have a well-established network of suitable candidates to present your roles to and build a shortlist from.

Alternatively, it could be a solution to consider when talent is abundant for the roles you have but you just don't have the time or skill available internally at your business to go through the process of advertising, searching CV databases, and approaching candidates to screen for suitability.

Dedicated Search v Contingency

More often we are seeing clients embracing the idea of a dedicated search as there are so many additional benefits without incurring any greater cost. 

The perceived benefits of contingency to an employer is the idea that they will only pay a fee at the end when a placement is made, and that they can also engage multiple agencies in the shortlisting phase.

The reality of this however is that it often dilutes the efforts of the agencies rather than concentrating it, and this can become problematic if the vacancy is proving harder to fill or requires more time set aside to headhunt and map the market comprehensively.

A dedicated search on the other hand means that one of our search professionals can prioritise your requirements in their workload and use additional resources to fill the role. We can properly understand your requirements in full, map the market for available "passive" talent, spend more time with candidates to match thoroughly against your needs, and develop a true partnership to deliver the very best result. 

We've had considerable success with contingency over the years, however when you consider that our fill rate with contingency is around 33% versus 100% on search (since 2020) you can start to appreciate why it is a better solution without having to attract additional costs.


Additional benefits of Search v Contingency

  • Market intelligence - A full report on your competitors offerings and perception of your employer brand 
  • Transparency - We share all the information we gather
  • Talent Pools - You can build contacts for future hiring requirements 
  • Speed - On average a dedicated search is completed more quickly  
  • Testing - Job Success Analysis and Candidate Matching tests carried out
  • No extra costs v contingency - In reality the cost is less as the time and care taken means you get a better matched candidate that is far more likely to be effective and stay longer in your business


If you'd like to find out more about exactly how it works give us a call 01244 752 459 or drop an email to 


Peace of mind with every hire

All of the new employees we introduce to your business will be backed by our candidate replacement / rebate of fees guarantee, meaning that you can hire with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you will get maximum return on hire and value for your investment with us.



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