Client Services 

The truth is that when you are looking for the very best talent to join your company, it's inevitable that they are already working for someone else, and most likely not even considering a move.

They will need to be identified, approached, engaged with, and given a compelling reason as to why your business could be the very best thing for their career.

This approach, often described as headhunting or executive search, is our area of expertise.

When you engage with the team at Hawk Butler you'll quickly find that you are presented with a precise list of QUALIFIED, INTERESTED and AVAILABLE candidates that match your brief, and that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to consider.


There are 3 main services we provide for our clients, click on the links below to find out more about which one would be right for your business needs.

Executive Search

Contingency Search

Managed Service & Recruitment Process Outsourcing 



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