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Posted 3/8/2022 by Adam Butler
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Executive Search is booming in the North West of England.

Hotspots like executive search Liverpool are becoming increasingly popular strategies that recruitment agencies adopt to search for the best potential candidates to fill available positions.

With vacancies at a steady constant across numerous sectors finding the 'Holy Grail' of recruitment strategies is crucial to attracting stand-out candidates for your vacancies.

In this latest Hawk Butler blog, we discuss the many benefits of Executive Search across the North West, including Executive Search Liverpool, Chester and Warrington.

What is Executive Search in Liverpool?

Executive Search in Liverpool is for clients with specialist and critical roles in senior or sometimes confidential business positions.

Hawk Butler's process has been developed and is constantly updated to reflect changes in recruitment strategies.

Thorough and detailed, our executive search Liverpool allows you to pick candidates with a fine-toothed comb, giving you opportunities to speak to talent that otherwise slip through the net.

By conducting your search in this manner, your business can match the perfect candidate to your values in culture and behaviour and filter on the level of skill dependency.

Executive Search is typically used for roles across the North West that traditionally need to be 'headhunted'.

These roles include:

  • Board/Executive Level positions
  • Positions that in the past have been difficult to fill
  • Hires of a confidential nature
  • Vacancies that require specialist knowledge
  • Roles of critical value to your business

Why North West business is using Executive Search

Whether you're based in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester or Warrington, you may ask, 'what can executive search do for me, that I do not do already?'

Well, here are some answers to some of those questions you may have:

  • Perceptive info; directly from your chosen market

A keen eye never misses an opportunity, and with Executive Search, you can receive perceptive information on candidates in your chosen market.

  • Completion guaranteed with an incredible level of speed and accuracy –

Missing out on candidates is a recruitment agency's worst nightmare. Executive Search turns these nightmares into dream hires with an unnerving speed and accuracy from initial candidate to hire completion.

  • An effective search process

Wasted searches are wasted hours for your recruitment agency.

An effective search process can and will fill your vacant positions with quality candidates with aspirations within their chosen sector.

  • Live data across salary and benefits

Candidates are now becoming more and more aware of salary expectations and in-house benefits available to them, thanks to tools like LinkedIn.

Executive Search from Hawk Butler allows you to stay one step ahead with live data available on salary levels and the most-valued benefits by potential candidates.

  • Clear and consistent messages across your brand and activities

A consistent, clear brand that communicates its message easily is a brand that will attract suitable candidates time after time.

By using Executive Search, you'll appear to candidates as you wish to be seen without diluting your brand values and message.

  • Complete control over your process, no matter how many that may be!

Our job isn't to overrule or tamper with your existing process; our job is to help you find the best possible candidates for your current job openings.

Combine your processes with Executive Search; you won't regret it!

  • A fully inclusive and diverse search -

Dive into a pool of candidates from different backgrounds and remain inclusive by encouraging applications from people from all walks of life.

What to expect from Executive Search for North West recruitment

At Hawk Butler, we believe that Executive Search can only enhance, not hinder, your recruitment processes.

The days of filling round holes with square pegs are long gone; here's what you should expect when you use Hawk Butler for Executive Search:

  • A candidate-focused approach

The key quality of Executive Search Liverpool is that potential targets are identified and contacted directly.

This eliminates the need or reliance on traditional job ads and responses and time-consuming database searches.

Hawk Butler provides you with the information you need across various sectors, including Customer Service, Sales and Digital roles.

Before going live, our expert team will conduct a briefing session with key individuals to decide your recruitment process.

We can discuss everything from candidate references, onboarding and everything else in between.

To find out more in detail, click here.

Contact Hawk Butler today for all your Executive Search needs!

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