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Posted 7/7/2022 by Adam Butler
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Contingency and Executive Search are two of the most popular recruitment strategies businesses adopt to fill an available position.

At Hawk Butler, we know that getting the right candidate is a critical task that needs to be done correctly.

Different approaches from businesses are adopted to find the perfect candidate for the vacant position.

This blog explains the differences between Contingency and Executive Search and the key benefits of Hawk Butler Executive Search.

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is used by our clients who have senior, confidential, critical, or specialist roles.

Hawk Butler's search process has been developed to be rigorous and thorough, ensuring you access talent that would otherwise remain invisible and unreachable.

The process is proven to match individuals against cultural, behavioural, and competency requirements.

This enables you to receive a shortlist of candidates where all the guesswork has been removed, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your next hire will start fast and stay for the long term.

Executive Search is ideal for roles that need a dedicated search / headhunt. Typically the roles are one of the following:

  • Senior Management / Board Level Appointments
  • Confidential Hires
  • Critical Roles
  • Specialist Vacancies
  • Positions that have previously proved hard to fill

What is Contingency Search?

Contingency Search is used when talent is abundant for the roles you have, but you don't have the time or skill available internally at your business to go through the process of advertising, searching CV databases, and approaching candidates to screen for suitability.

The perceived benefits of contingency to an employer are the idea that they will only pay a fee at the end when a placement is made. They can also engage multiple agencies in the shortlisting phase.

However, the reality of this is that it often dilutes the agencies' efforts rather than concentrating on them.

This can become problematic if the vacancy is proving harder to fill or requires more time to headhunt and map the market comprehensively.

Benefits of Executive Search

Direct Approach

The main difference between "Search" and other recruitment processes is that candidates are identified and approached direct, rather than simply relying on advert response or database search.

This means that you will be in touch with "passive" candidates who have been located and engaged based on their current skill set and experience.

Extensive Competitor Knowledge

Executives seek new employees through connections and reputation to lure their perfect candidate to a company.

The extensive knowledge of industries allows the search to build up a database of highly-skilled candidates.

Hawk Butler has a plethora of disciplines to choose from when searching.

From Administration & Business Support to Sales and Customer Service, we have a database spread all over the UK.

Salary Benefits and Remuneration Information

Any potential employees can seek compensation and salary benefits when approached by an executive search company.

Usually, agencies seek other companies to fill the vacant job role due to this recruitment method's extensive knowledge.

Employees can then receive salary bonuses and compensation to leave their current job to go to another company.

Getting the Perfect Candidate

Hawk Butler's Executive Search seven-step process starts with a 'Candidate Briefing'.

Our search will focus heavily on headhunted candidates that wouldn't otherwise be visible to you, and you will see the "long list" of profiles that we have identified.

Together, we will create a shortlist for screening and using our video interview technology, and we will speed up the process to help you decide who to spend more time with.

This helps the company hire and interview the correct candidates who are a potential fit for the job.

Diversity and Inclusion

We understand it can be challenging to search for a specific market of diverse candidates, and Hawk Butler can help.

The search allows a company to seek speciality services from the recruitment agency.

This allows for a pool of candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds so the company can stay diverse and inclusive in today's market.

The Robust and Proven Search Methodology

You will have an entire briefing session before we take your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to market.

We stay close to you throughout the process, managing offers and providing insightful candidate feedback to ensure your employer brand is protected.

We check references carefully, psychometric testing if appropriate, and onboarding new starters to ensure they hit the ground running quickly to make an immediate impact.

Contact Us

We have completed assignments UK-wide and internationally across various sectors.

Since 2020 we are proud to have filled 97% of the vacancies we have been engaged in, and with a Net Promoter Score of 9/10, our clients keep coming back.

To find out more about Hawk Butler Executive Search, call us on 01244 752459 or email us at adam@hawkbutler.co.uk.

You can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or pop in for a coffee at our offices here.


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